Road Equipment

This question is for musicians that are on the road . This is about amps and PA's that are constantly moved in and out of vehicles, in and out of clubs and lounges , and concerts, equipment that gets dropped, bumped, dragged, knocked over, shoved, transported in vehicles, and is still able to perform . What equipment are ya'll familiar with, that is dependable and being used out there on the road now adays. Basically… Most amps and PA equipment that have enough wattage for live shows are built pretty durably, as long as you go with an established brand. But if you're going to be traveling extensively, rather than gigging a couple times a month, it's worth investing in road cases. Those are pretty much indestructible and I've never seen a piece of equipment emerge from a road case in less than pristine condition (assuming it was pristine when packed in the case). Road cases are expensive — sometimes as much as the equipment they protect. But there are lots of used cases floating around in cyberspace and some of my friends have even built their own. Since they're made of wood and have metal reinforced corners and sometimes wheels, they're heavy. They also take up a lot of space in a van, though they stack much more neatly than unboxed equipment. I've never bothered with road cases since the longest time I've spent on the road in one stretch is five days. But my guitar amp is a late '70s Sunn model that's much heavier and more roadworthy than those I see in guitar stores. I'd wrap my bass amp head (a Fender, about 20 years old and comparable in durability to current models) in a blanket for transport. My bass cabinet was a huge 2×15 built from solid wood, so I just replaced the front mesh with metal grating, which kept the speakers safe from everything but liquids. My bandmates used pieces of felt-covered plywood between amps and cabinets and just made sure things were tightly packed into their vehicles before hitting the road. I'll post a link to an eBay store in Atlanta that sells lots of used road cases, in case you're interested.


Who would've thought when we were kids playing with our erector sets that we would be doing the exact same thing as adults? Steel building construction is not just a fad and makes fantastic financial sense. Even if steel prices continue to rise, the cost of building a prefabricated steel construction building is much less than you would pay for a traditionally constructed project. You might also have other cost-saving methods that you have not even considered.
If you were to talk to a steel building manufacturer, they would tell you the same thing: Building with steel is a fantastic proposition. The longevity and durability of steel and the labor cost savings that you would get with a prebuilt or pre-manufactured steel building makes for a sound financial investment.
If you still trying to find reasons why a steel building is your best bet to consider these:
Reason #1: Construction time has been reduced to less than half of the normal construction methods due to the fact that most of the components or pre-cut and pre-drilled at the factory.
Reason #2: Steel building construction is also cheaper to do its durability and lower maintenance requirements.
Reason #3: The use of steel is financially advantageous to the ability to hold up against problems that affect many other materials. Steel does not rot, steel is not susceptible to termites, or water damage.
Reason #4: Construction waste is reduced as the building is pre-cut in pre-manufactured to your exact specifications at the factory.
Reason #5: Lower impact on natural resources. No de-forestation and no pollution making for a better neighbor.
So as you can see, Steel is one of the best resources you can utilize for your next commercial or industrial building. While other construction methods have been preferred in the past, steel is the best choice for the future.

Construction Management

I was just deeded a piece of land. The tax value is 18k. My father is also a general contractor. My plan is to obtain a construction loan and have my father build at cost then turn around and finance the house when it's appraised to use the instant equity to pay off other debts. Will it help that I own the land and I will be having the house built at cost. Do you know what I found? Construction loans are generally based on what the house will appraise for after construction, not what it costs to construct it. Let's say a lender will give you a construction loan for 70% of the after construction appraised value. Your house, after construction, would appraise for $200,000. Your lender would then be offering a construction loan of $140,000. If you're building it at cost, it may not cost any more than that to build. It actually may cost less. So the benefit to you is that you won't need to use any of your own money to pay for the cost of construction. That same $140,000 loan would also need to cover the cost of the land if you didn't already own it, so therein is your benefit for already owning the land. Construction loans come and an end loan built into them and some of them carry prepayment penalties so make sure you let your lender know of your intention to immediately refinance the end loan so they can help determine which products would work for you or advise you as to how many payments you would need to make on the end loan before you could refinance it.

This video shows the simple animation of modern style of construction of houses in various stages like excavation work, foundation work, fixing of trusses, e. . .

Highway Design

South Korea has at least one highway that is also painted with runway markings. It used to be a popular rumor that US interstates were required to be designed with regular stretches doubling as runways. Tom. . What type of aircraft did the Greeks and Romans design their roads to be used by? In the US I haven't found any places with roads current in use and designed to be both runways and roads. There are places that have roads fairly frequently used for landing small aircraft but I haven't seen any specifically designed as runways. There are quite a few taxiways designed to also be used as roads but not runways. In other countries I have found South Korea and Australia to have roads designed to be used as runways. Sweden also had roads designed to be used as runways, but with the cutbacks of the number of active airbases this may not be so anymore. After looking around, I learned — If South Korea does, then they are the only ones. The claim that US highways are designed like that is an urban legend. There was a section of the Autobahn near Berlin (called the "AVUS&quot that was designed to be used as an emergency runway during WWII, but that roadway has been rebuilt as a normal highway. It was this section of road that started the rumors of US highways doubling as roadways. The National Highway Administration says that no interstate, US or state highways have ever been designed for air traffic. It would require long, straight stretches without overpasses or power lines, and a special (and very expensive) foundation would be required. And you would need any place to taxi the plane off of the road, before any drunk moron in a pickup plows right into it.

SUJITH KUMARFilmHIGHWAY DESIGN IN 3D2013-04-11T20:19:40. 000Z2014-01-20T03:53:05. 000ZUoS Highway Design Using AutoCad Civil 3D 2012 Tutorial ((7th. April. 2013))This Tutorial Video was created for the Students of University of Sharjah, College of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Highway Design Course. Th. . .


My little brother plays Roblox. I don't. He says that they took away builders club games. Now forgive me, I am ignorant in the world of Roblox. First off did they remove builders club games? Second is it possible to build those games without builders club? I am just a little confused. My mom and I are trying to figure it out but all he says is builders club games are gone so he doesn't like Roblox anymore. Also can someone please tell me what is so special about these builders club games. Do you know what I found? Builder's Club is the membership in ROBLOX. ROBLOX did NOT take away Builder's Club games, they just do not appear on the "Games" tab. It is indeed possible to build games without Builder's Club. There really is no reason at all to get upset just because Builder's Club don't appear on the game page. There is nothing special about Builder's Club games other than the fact that only people with the paid membership can join them. You might want to supervise him while he plays because he might be online dating. BC places are very popular places for OD'ers so you might just want to make sure.

Some dodgy work practises.

Major Construction Projects

I have nothing against westerners, but if people say that Chinese and Indians are so smart, then why can't they design their own engineering projects. For example, the Maglev train and the Canton tower has both German and Dutch input into their designs. The design is where you require BRAINS. All the major buildings in Dubai such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj al arab and Palm islands are all designed by westerners. Why don't the Asians (Chinese, Indians and Arabs) have engineering talent of their own? I have noticed that they don't have difficulty in designing everyday day-to-day projects. But when it involves a new concept or if it requires innovation or needs to be the BEST in the world, they all seek help of western engineers. Is it because Chinese and Indian universities lack quality, but produce heaps of untalented engineers according to western standards. I believe Asian engineers are more like technicians. They just "do" what it told. They are not flexible thinkers, not creative, and not research orientated. They are great rote-learners and good at memorising information, and that is why I believe there is this common misconceptions that Asians are smart. Source: I am Indian. From what I can tell… I think you have said it yourself, best in the world means that the whole world is part of the equation. It seems the same way elsewhere, not just the countries you mentioned. Consultation is made with whoever is supposedly better, not necessarily the best in a place, but the best in the world. This mostly means those who have experience, and so the risk is expected to be less. An international consulting company might have people working in it from anywhere, but they will generally be experienced. If such consultants see someone they think is good for their business, while they are working around the world, they mostly make an offer to get them on their own staff. Where the headquarters is might be historical, and maybe where they feel any business advantage is, like Switzerland, London, Tokyo, New York, and now I expect in Dubai or India or China too. Times are changing. If you look at something like the Three Gorges dam, it is a huge project that has been around for generations (Sun Yat Sen, 1919). The Nationalists, then the Japanese (WW2), the Americans post war, and then Mao all made plans, and the present hierarchy has been at it since 1994. While the 700MW generators are the largest in the world I think, they are made by consortiums of 6 of the worlds leading companies in the field (for technology transfer) with two joint venture companies in China. I guess if you want a 700MW generator like this you would now consider China. This project will recover its costs in 10 years it is said, and capacity is similar to Sun Yat Sen's original concept, 21GW or so. Technology is not necessarily the province of Universities. Companies and corporations build expertise over time. Eventually there is a world leader in a particular field. How do you design a generator? It is juggling a lot of different factors for the best result. There is a certain amount of evolution. These are like 94% efficient. How do you actually organise the construction of one? These weigh 6000 ton incidentally. They are probably built on the experience gained from the previous ones elsewhere in the world (600MW size), but there was no single company involved in this.

Stuttgart's main train station, the Elbe Philharmonic in Hamburg, and Berlin's City Palace: These three major construction projects will shape their cities. . . .

Railroad Construction Costs

My mom told me to ask, so if I need to provide more details let me know so I can email her. Here's what she wrote me: "Are railroad ties hammered into the ground manually or with a electronic or a pneumatic device when a new railroad is being built?". Do you know what I found? This is going to seem awfully straange but railroad ties really are not "in" the ground. They are almost always above the level of the surrounding ground and have crushed gravel called "ballast" tamped around them, but they are still above ground. This serves a number of purposes but allows the railroad to be made level and smooth and water can drain away which would cause the ties to decompose much faster. For new construction typically the ties are laid on top of the ground by machines on a roadbed that is already been graded reasonably level. Then rails are put down, spiked in place by machines, then special trains come along and dump the ballast over and around the track. Then machines are brought in that tamps the ballast in between and under the ties and levels the track structure. For existing track, replacing ties is similar with a few differences. First the "jewelry" is removed, rail anchors, and spikes, a machine comes along and grabs the tie and pulls it out to the side, and forces a new one in the same hole created when the old tie was removed. Then it is spiked back in place and when a section of track has been renewed, the same machines used in new construction, usually called a tamper and regulator come along and make the whole thing level and good to go. There are still times when good old fashioned hand labor is used, for instance if only a few ties need replacing, espeically in an industrial or less used piece of track. Good question, if you have any more dont hesitate to post on here, or if you wish you may e-mail me. There are some very knowledgable people on here. Perhpas there are some methods in different areas of the country I am unaware of. Railroaders are innovators.

New mainline track being built in Arizona during the late 1950's for the Santa Fe RailRoad. The first third of the film shows railway activities and areas of. . .