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I am looking into becoming a construction project manager but, I need to know what I need to study for that career. Does anyone know. Do you know what I found? What you should do is check into the college you plan to attend to study Project Management. They normally list classes that you will be required to take. For instance, Penn State offers a degree in Construction Management (BS) and requires you to take the following courses: * CNST 101 – Introduction to Construction Management 2 hours * CNST 106 – Architectural Graphics 3 hours * CNST 111 – Construction Materials, Methods, and Equipment 3 hours * CNST 201 – Construction Contract Documents and Project Delivery 3 hours * CNST 213 – Environmental and Mechanical Systems for Buildings 3 hours * CNST 214 – Plan Interpretation and Quantity Take-Off 3 hours * CNST 304 – Construction Scheduling 3 hours * CNST 306 – Commercial Design and Construction 3 hours * CNST 310 – Construction Safety 3 hours * CNST 314 – Estimating and Bid Preparation 3 hours * CNST 318 – Strength of Building Materials 3 hours * CNST 320 – Soil Analysis and Testing 3 hours * CNST 414 – Construction Quality Control and Assurance– 3 hours * CNST 418 – Design of Temporary Structures 3 hours * CNST 420 – Plane Surveying 3 hours * CNST 450 – Construction Management 3 hours It looks like you may want to take any math and science if you are in high school. Be sure to take a communications/English class so you know how to communicate.

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Construction Management

The Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA) is considered to be the fundamental group of the future builders of America. FHBA is the chief association of all local homebuilder’s associations founded within the state. They provide their members, and the whole construction community in general, with sales and marketing tools, legislative updates, training, and even insurance coverage information. The construction industry of Florida has always been on the boom. In fact, there are a number of working immigrants who had found jobs and opportunities in the different construction sites all over the state.

Kraft Construction Company is one the biggest players in the construction industry of Florida. Their headquarters is located in Naples, Florida but they have two other satellite offices within the state. They have one in Sarasota and another in Fort Myers. Since their foundation in 1968, they have a steady number of projects and employ more than 400 workers. They have a net annual income of $100 million.

Willis A. Smith Construction, Inc. is another notable construction company operating in Florida. They are based in Sarasota and are serving the region of Florida since 1972. They have an impeccable background when it comes to the construction of commercial, industrial, healthcare, and educational buildings. They even have construction projects related to museum works. They have also done a number of civic and church-related ventures since it is first founded. They don’t engage in residential construction but they are certainly big in everything else.

Florida also has several construction technical schools from where aspiring professionals can go to and train. There are at least 15 colleges offering construction education in and around the state. Examples of these educational institutions are the Brevard Community College-Cocoa Campus, Broward Community College, and Tallahassee Community College, among others.

This video shows the simple animation of modern style of construction of houses in various stages like excavation work, foundation work, fixing of trusses, e. . .

Commercial Construction

I work in commercial construction. I am on a 150 million dollar job with a number of sub contractors performing various jobs. I recently discovered, despite some supervision, the drywall sub may has left out acoustical insulation in dozens, (and then some) ,of areas thought the building. Is 4” acoustical insulation very effective anyway? Should I go to the boss about it. I was happy to learn… If it’s specified, I would let them know. Acoustical insulation is very effective, especially on a commercial job. Confidential conversations take place, and the transmission of sound through a hollow wall is significant. It’s a lot easier to fix now, rather than after the walls are painted, carpeting is in, etc. Besides, you are protecting your company. The sub cut corners, let him pay to fix them. Hope this helps.

Step by Step Tutorial: This video will show you the several kinds of foundations that are commonly used in residential . . .

Road Maintenance

A clean bike will function better than a dirty one and is a pleasure to work on. Before you start any bike maintenance you have to clean your bike, that doesn’t mean a bit of wipe with a cloth, you have to clean it properly and there are a few things you need to do the job, you might have to buy some equipment, but most of it might be found around the house, try under the sink, but don’t let your wife/mother catch you.

First what equipment do you need

• A bike workstand or handy tree/washing line to hang your bike on.
• Old rear hub or old axle or stick.
• Degreaser or diesel fuel (careful diesel is not good for your hands).
• Hot water.
• Washing up liquid.
• 2 buckets (1 with soapy and 1 with clean water).
• Paint brush.
• Old water bottle.
• Bottlebrush.
• Soft scrubbing brush.
• 2 sponges.
• Cloths.
• Oil.
• And for that extra shinny finish, spray polish.

The most important thing to remember when you are cleaning your bike is to keep your eyes open and look for anything that may need fixing later, this is how a mechanic on a professional team does it, but he might have 10 bikes to look after, so it’s a lot easier with only one.

The starting point

Start with the wheels, cut the top off the old water bottle and put some degreaser in it, you can use a spray degreaser, but you waste most of it. With the paintbrush work the degreaser into the sprockets being careful not to get too much into the bearings. Then with some hot water and washing up liquid scrub the sprockets clean, then scrub the rims clean of old brake block residue, you can use a little degreaser to help this, but don’t get it on your tires. Scrub the tires clean, with soft scrubbing brush, at this point look at the tires for any cut in the tread that could puncture later and inspect the rims for damage or if they are wearing thin. With a soapy sponge wash the spokes and then rinse them in clean water and put them to one side to dry, not in direct sunlight.

Now the rest of the bike put your bike on your bike workstand or other handy item you can hang it on. Put the old hub/axle/stick in the rear end of the frame so the chain can rest on it, then using the paintbrush and the old water bottle with the degreaser clean the chain, the front and rear derailleur, chain rings and cranks, brakes and any other metal parts, try not to get it on the saddle, handlebar tape and don’t get too much on the headset and bottom bracket bearings. Also use the degreaser and paintbrush to clean under the down tube, as you’ll find any spillage form your feeding bottle will make this a very sticky place and the degreaser should shift it.

Now take the bottlebrush or a sponge and a bucket of soapy water and clean under the saddle, under the bottom bracket, under the brakes and under the forks, use the scrubbing brush to shift any stubborn dirt, then take a soapy sponge and clean off all the degreaser and loosened dirt. Then with a clean soapy sponge clean every part of the bike, start with the handlebars and saddle and work your way down the bike making sure the whole bike is sparkling clean, then rinse with clean water. Remember keep your eyes open for things like worn brake blocks, gritty bearings, tight or frayed cables or any cracks or damage to the frame, if all is OK put the wheels back in.

Things to look for while you are cleaning your bike

• Worn brake blocks.
• Damaged or thin rim walls.
• Damaged or cut tires.
• Damaged chain.
• Damaged or bent handlebars and stem.
• Twisted or damaged saddle.
• Torn or worn handle bar tape.
• Damaged or worn chain rings and sprockets.
• Damaged or worn chain.
• Damage to cranks or pedals.
• Condition or gear and brake cables.
• Damage to frame tubes.
• Loose or broken spokes.
• Condition of brake calipers.
• All bearings should run smoothly.

So your bike is now clean, dry it with a clean cloth and if you want it to really shine, get the spray polish out, but don’t get any on the brake surface or you will not be able to stop the first time you go out. Next you have to oil the chain and all moving parts, brake pivot bolts, front and rear derailleur, pedal springs and the pivots on the brake levers, wipe away any spilt oil, check your gears and brakes work well, pump up your tires and away you go on your clean and sparkling bike. Oh! And remember to put back all that stuff from under the sink before you go on your bike ride or you’ll be making your own dinner when you get home.

Building Construction

Describe the relationship between building code and construction standards. List three important standards organization in the United States. Thanks. I was happy to learn… Broadly speaking a building code specifies what loads and load combinations should be applied to a building or structure and how these loads are calculated and applied (e. G. Dead and live loads, wind loads, seismic loads, snow loads etc). The code may also cover things like fire protection, emergency access/egress, sanitation, materials of construction etc. Once you’ve calculated the loads, a design or construction standard specifies the methods to be used to analyse, design and construct the building, structure or particular element. Having said that, there is some overlap between the building code and standards since they are published by independent bodies. For example in the US you have the International Building Code and ASCE 7, both of which cover loading on buildings/structures. Some standards organizations in the US: American Society Of Civil Engineers (ASCE) American Institute Of Steel Construction (AISC) American Society Of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) American National Standards Institute (ANSI) American Society For Testing And Materials (ASTM) Hope that helps. .

Civil engineering 3D Animation of a reinforced concrete structure. It shows the chronological order of the construction phase of a mukit story building. This. . .


Today I decided for my career I want to be an construction worker. So now in class we have to give a quote on why do I want to be an construction worker. So do you have any quotes. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. “When they get moving on the construction, there will be 75-80 construction workers, and when the plant is all geared up, the workforce will (more than) double. All hiring is done under the West Virginia Jobs Act, which means 75 percent of them have to be local workers. ” – John Wiater “One of the regular challenges of our organization is to convince parents and their children that the construction industry is a good career choice. There’s a shortage of skilled construction workers and will be for the foreseeable future. I’mmigrant workers are vital for our industry and this town. ” – Stephen Gennett “The tick up in the unemployment rate largely had to do with the fact that we had construction workers whoever basically had to file because of the rain and the stormy weather. When we have inclement weather like that, construction workers are not likely to work on the site. The majority that filed came from that industry. ” – James Hardway “For our industry, it will mean lower worker benefits and increased employer costs. The bill increases weekly (unemployment) benefits for higher-paid construction workers at the expense of UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers) grocery workers. ” – Cliff Finch “For the construction workers, there will be probably not be so much work in new residential building, but there will be work in nonresidential building and there will also be work in reconstruction projects in the hurricane-affected areas. It’s a mixed bag for construction. ” – Nigel Gault “While the construction economy has grown, living and work standards for construction workers have fallen. ” – Terence M. O’Sullivan “We must build a movement that does effectively address the construction industry as it is today and which helps the majority of our nation’s construction workers have good jobs, good training and a path for new opportunities. ” – Terence M. O’Sullivan “The immediate benefit is as construction starts, that will bring a tremendous number of construction workers to town, which will help local industries. It has created a need for housing, and with that, has brought numerous developers from out of the area looking to buy land and fulfill the need for housing. ” – Curt Morris “We in Washington, D. C. , are experiencing the best of times but yet the worst of times. The number of jobs is rising, but so is unemployment. Go to these construction sites. You’ll find that a majority of construction workers are not District residents. ” – Marion Barry “If you only have 15 percent of the work force available for the jobs, where are the rest of the workers going to come from? . . A vast majority of the construction workers on this project will be from out of town in Los Angeles. ” – George Hawkins “We know the average construction worker in America is53. We also know that America’s youth is not lining up to learn the skilled crafts. . . . If the federal government doesn’t come up with a functional guest-worker program, we will have some problems, and not just in Arizona. ” – David Jones “We cannot stand idly by, tied to a past that promises only further decline for construction workers. ” – Terence M. O’Sullivan “There were a lot of areas that we would’ve liked to work, but the areas just weren’t safe. Like one of the construction workers said, it only takes one brick to fall. ” – Bill Hall “It just adds to the total vibe of the show. We’re supposed to be construction workers. ” – Tim Varney “We have truckers. We have construction workers, we have fence companies whoever have already offered their services free of charge, whoever want to get involved in this project. ” – Carmen Mercer

Highway Road Construction

I have observed that on interstate highways whenever the DOT rebuilds/renovates the highways for some reason they do not rebuild/renovate the piece of road under bridges. Does anybody knows why. Today I found out that… Generally, the roadways under the bridge are not associated with the bridge itself. State DOTs (or some other highway authority) have control and jurisdiction of the highway and structures on them. The roads beneath them usually fall under the jurisdiction of another body, such as a municipality or county. It’s up to that body to maintain the local roads. They could (and sometimes it may make sense to) repair the local roads while they are doing the bridges, but you need to combine money from the various agencies and usually they are not thinking about how they can play nice together.