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. I think I found an answer. Heavy/Highway construction is the process of adding infrastructure to our built environment. Owners of these projects are usually government agencies, either at the national or local level. As in building construction, heavy/highway construction has design, financial, and legal considerations, however these projects are not usually undertaken for-profit, but to service the public interest. However, heavy/highway construction projects are also undertaken by large private corporations, including, among others, the golf courses, harbors, power companies, railroads, and mines, who undertake the construction of access roads, dams, railroads, general site grading, and massive earthwork projects. As in building construction, the owner will assemble a team to create an overall plan to ensure that the goals of the project are met.


Also which is preferred architecture or construction science and management. I was so pleased to find this — Construction Project Management is the overall planning, co-ordination and control of a project from inception to completion aimed at meeting a clients requirements in order to have a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time within authorized cost and to the required quality standards. Project management is the process by which a project is brought to a successful conclusion. Construction project management (CPM) is project management that applies to the construction sector (3rd Forum International Construction Project Management 26th/27th of June 2003 in Berlin). The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) (a primary US construction management certification and advocacy body) says the 120 most common responsibilities of a Construction Manager fall into the following 7 categories: Project Management Planning, Cost Management, Time Management, Quality Management, Contract Administration, Safety Management, and CM Professional Practice which includes specific activities like defining the responsibilities and management structure of the project management team, organizing and leading by implementing project controls, defining roles and responsibilities and developing communication protocols, and identifying elements of project design and construction likely to give rise to disputes and claims.

This video shows the simple animation of modern style of construction of houses in various stages like excavation work, foundation work, fixing of trusses, e. . .

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I've been working in construction for 7 years as a carpenter. It's obvious why we have to wear hard hats. Lots of falling hazards on a construction site. My hard hat has saved me many times. I just recently switched careers to a heavy equipment operator. I don't understand why we have to wear had hats? We are out in the open all day yet if anyone gets caught without a hard hat they get a warning then a suspension if it happens twice. I guess it's protection from bird poop. After looking around, I learned — Hard hat in the opens like working on the road is just basically only for recognition to who you are but the main reason is? You are involving a rough work even you are only an operator of heavy equipments there's a chance that you walk from one place to another to pick something and the area has a falling hazard. Although, in reality hard hat cannot protect you out from injury because if it is really your bad day? It is your bad day and no matter how many hard hat you wear you still get an injury. Some construction required a color code of hard hat to recognize you what part of construction worker you are. For example ;blue hard hat for carpenter, yellow hard hat for laborer, green hard hat for masonry and white hard hat is for the official or engineers. In General you are working in a construction. It doesn't matter what type of construction you working with either Road, Bridges , tunnels or Building it is required due to the insurance policy. Remember if there's a hole that the insurance can get in? They will get in and that's the reality. I'm working in building construction for 6 years started as laborer until become one of the official in the construction company. And now I'm working on my own Handyman works. From: (handyman and computer services)

President Yoweri Museveni has today commissioned road construction equipment for all districts in Uganda. The exercise took place. . .

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This is kinda like the video game my cousin plays (road construction simulator), its entertaining when there is simply nothing else to do LOL. I love trying to help people, and of course be a smart ass along the way, but if its not summertime, I really never come on. So, are any of you folks the same? Just users in the summer doldrums. Essentially — Pssh never. I hope to come on here when I'm around 27 with my first kid on the way or 30 asking if I should give my toddler benadryl or cold medicine. Even during the school yr I come on for help with my hopeless crush on a guy I've had for going on 2 years, or homework help. Nobody can judge you because nobody knows you personally. Plus most everyone one here has no life and is a loser similar to me.. Were all losers here, no need to worry Yahoo answers has seriously helped with a lot of issues of mine whether its weight, appearance, or relationships. Sorry I sound like I'm being paid by yahoo but like seriously, I love it. I would be a top answerer if I didn't come on just to read questions haha. I do come on less during the school yr though. :D yahoooooo

At least it's better than Roadworks Simulator Also, my first time playing. Sorry for noobishness. Leave a rating. Whether Pos+ or Neg-, at least I know someo. . .


When one is considering entering a new line of work, the first thing they should do is research that given field. Certain things to consider include how that particular industry is currently doing and what are the predictions for that field. If you are considering entering into the construction field, especially as an equipment operator, you'll find the field is thriving and should continue to do so.
First of all, there is always going to be a need for road repairs, bridge maintenance, and new constructions will continue to be needed. The government alone spends billions of dollars on construction projects each year and there does not seem to be any inclination that they will slow down. New housing developments are being created everyday in all areas of the country, as there is continually a housing shortage. The construction business is thriving.
The September 11th attacks of terrorism on the United States have had impacts on every industry in the United States and the construction industry is no exception. Due to Homeland Security, many such developments have been redesigned to further their safety in case of an act of terrorism and even moved to a different location if they are near an area that might be a target. However, the construction industry has not slowed down and it is as strong as ever.
The fact is the construction industry is the largest service industry in the United States. Due to the demand placed on the construction industry, most construction companies are constantly looking for individuals who are qualified to work in this field. Several individuals, however, are not qualified and they start on the bottom, hoping to get trained in areas where there is better pay.
Where do individuals wishing to get a heavy equipment operator's education stand? With new developments and construction projects continuing to thrive, the heavy equipment operator will always have a job. In order to complete the new construction jobs, there must be someone to run the heavy equipment.
Unfortunately, with all of the natural disasters that have taken place in the United States alone, such as the flooding in California, the tornadoes in the mid-west and the hurricanes along the east coast, the construction business will continue to thrive. From road repairs and bridge reconstruction and new housing developments to commercial developments, construction companies will continually be looking for workers that are qualified.

Mighty Machines – At the Construction Site.

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. Do you know what I found? The construction of a highway/expressway, which involves a complex combination of roads, bridges, and tunnels, is generally separated into several projects. Various contractors thus execute different projects and often apply differing scheduling practices. Since all projects involved in highway construction must be completed for the highway to be useful, the management of the various projects should preferably be integrated. To assist project controllers in schedule integration, this study proposes algorithms based on standardized codes and network modules. A computer system was also designed to help contractors use these modules for scheduling, and ultimately to let project controllers combine these schedules electronically. A questionnaire survey and industry feedback revealed the potential benefits of using the proposed algorithms for generating and integrating schedules, respectively. Contractors' computation capabilities must be improved before the proposed scheduling algorithms can be fully implemented.

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Certainly not asphalt. How do we make roads that won't suffer potholes, cracks or sink-holes. How will we go about making better roads than ever before, better than the auto ban. Not just smoother and less friction roads but how do we make roads that last and can be shared with more efficient cars, solar- powered cars for example. I was happy to learn… There are several types of material that are in long term testing, but most are a mix with asphalt as a base for cost and application reasons. One is basically using rubber pyramid shaped aggregate (instead of rock) for wear and traction purposes. It has shown good expansion and contraction durability so those annoying cracks across the road do not form, as well as potholes are less likely to get bigger (the rubber acts like a rip-stop). Another is an epoxy blend with traction grit (aluminum di oxide). It costs a fortune to put down initially but is basically bomb proof. It comes down to a trade off of several issues. First is, is it possible? Do you really need a road for hover cars? Second is cost. If you find a material that will last eons without being repaired for any reason, but is 970 million dollars a mile, who in the hell would want it? Third is durability. This also ties into cost, mostly for upkeep. Asphalt sucks, but is the best (so far) in "bang for the buck". It is also reasonably durable in all road conditions (summer in AZ to winter in AK). You mention a road with less friction. That scares me. What do you think holds a car onto the road as you go around a corner? A car tire (passenger touring) only has a contact patch of about 6 square inches. 4 tires gives you 24 square inches. Not much to stake your life on. A car that is traveling 70 MPH, wieghs 3200 lbs, on a strait road, dry condtitions, daytime, how long will it take to stop NOW. Too long for a lot of situations. Now make a smoother road with less friction, on a corner, raining, at night. I don't think we need to worry about more efficient cars sharing the road, they will all be sharing the ditch, or at least the body shop.

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