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I was reading and it said that someone was just graduating as a construction project manager. Does that mean they went to college for the whole four years or is it just a few classes you have to take and you get a certificate or something. Well, I have your answer right here. Rupert, You can learn more at this link: #training Education and training. For construction manager jobs, a bachelor's degree in construction science, construction management, building science, or civil engineering, plus work experience, is becoming the norm. However, years of experience, along with taking classes in the field or getting an associates degree, can substitute for a bachelors degree. Practical construction experience is very important for entering this occupation, whether earned through an internship, a cooperative education program, a job in the construction trades, or another job in the industry. Some people advance to construction management positions after having substantial experience as construction craftworkerscarpenters, masons, plumbers, or electricians, for exampleor after having worked as construction supervisors or as owners of independent specialty contracting firms. However, as construction processes become increasingly complex, employers are placing more importance on specialized education after high school. More than 100 colleges and universities offer bachelor's degree programs in construction science, building science, and construction engineering. These programs include courses in project control and development, site planning, design, construction methods, construction materials, value analysis, cost estimating, scheduling, contract administration, accounting, business and financial management, safety, building codes and standards, inspection procedures, engineering and architectural sciences, mathematics, statistics, and info technology. Graduates from 4-year degree programs mostly are hired as assistants to project managers, field engineers, schedulers, or cost estimators. An increasing number of graduates in related fieldsengineering or architecture, for examplealso enter construction management, often after acquiring substantial experience on construction projects. Several colleges and universities offer a master's degree program in construction management or construction science. Master's degree recipients, especially those with work experience in construction, typically become construction managers in very large construction or construction management companies. Often, individuals whoever hold a bachelor's degree in an unrelated field seek a master's degree in construction management or construction science to work in the construction industry. Some construction managers obtain a master's degree in business administration or finance to further their career prospects. A number of 2-year colleges throughout the country offer construction management or construction technology programs. Several individuals also attend training and educational programs sponsored by industry associations, often in collaboration with postsecondary institutions. Other qualifications. Construction managers should be flexible and work effectively in a fast-paced environment. They should be decisive and work well under pressure, particularly when faced with unexpected events or delays. The capability to manage several major activities at once, while analyzing and resolving specific problems, is essential, as is an understanding of engineering, architectural, and other construction drawings. Familiarity with computers and software programs for job costing, online collaboration, scheduling, and estimating also is important.

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New Commercial Construction Projects

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Client Aaron Scates describes the benefits and advantages of hiring Prebuild Control to manage construction projects.

Commercial Construction

So my dad has a company in residential and ya it makes good money but a friend I just picked up this year dad is commercial and residential and hired my dad on this 12 million dollar job thats the type of money im looking for how do I get into commercial construction as starting a buisness for myself. After looking around, I learned — Go to work from your friend's dad. Get any experience and save any money Find out what kind of profit margin he has. Large contracts often have small profit margins. You should already know this since you dad is in the business; but the construction business is very competitive and business turnover is high, The following is from the source listed below. "Opportunities for workers to form their own firms are better in construction than in many other industries. Construction workers may need only a moderate financial investment to become contractors and they can run their businesses from their homes, hiring additional construction workers only as needed for specific projects. The contract construction field, however, is very competitive, and the rate of business turnover is high. Taking courses in business helps to improve the likelihood of success. " "Managerial personnel mostly have a college degree or considerable experience in their specialty. Individuals who enter construction with college degrees mostly start as management trainees or as assistants to construction managers. Those who receive degrees in construction science often start as field engineers, schedulers, or cost estimators. College graduates may advance to positions such as assistant manager, construction manager, general superintendent, cost estimator, construction building inspector, general manager or top executive, contractor, or consultant. Although a college education is not always required, administrative jobs mostly are filled by those with degrees in business administration, finance, accounting, or similar field"

Construction Site

. I think I found an answer. Heavy/Highway construction is the process of adding infrastructure to our built environment. Owners of these projects are usually government agencies, either at the national or local level. As in building construction, heavy/highway construction has design, financial, and legal considerations, however these projects are not usually undertaken for-profit, but to service the public interest. However, heavy/highway construction projects are also undertaken by large private corporations, including, among others, the golf courses, harbors, power companies, railroads, and mines, who undertake the construction of access roads, dams, railroads, general site grading, and massive earthwork projects. As in building construction, the owner will assemble a team to create an overall plan to ensure that the goals of the project are met.


Also which is preferred architecture or construction science and management. I was so pleased to find this — Construction Project Management is the overall planning, co-ordination and control of a project from inception to completion aimed at meeting a clients requirements in order to have a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time within authorized cost and to the required quality standards. Project management is the process by which a project is brought to a successful conclusion. Construction project management (CPM) is project management that applies to the construction sector (3rd Forum International Construction Project Management 26th/27th of June 2003 in Berlin). The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) (a primary US construction management certification and advocacy body) says the 120 most common responsibilities of a Construction Manager fall into the following 7 categories: Project Management Planning, Cost Management, Time Management, Quality Management, Contract Administration, Safety Management, and CM Professional Practice which includes specific activities like defining the responsibilities and management structure of the project management team, organizing and leading by implementing project controls, defining roles and responsibilities and developing communication protocols, and identifying elements of project design and construction likely to give rise to disputes and claims.

This video shows the simple animation of modern style of construction of houses in various stages like excavation work, foundation work, fixing of trusses, e. . .

Road Construction Equipment

I've been working in construction for 7 years as a carpenter. It's obvious why we have to wear hard hats. Lots of falling hazards on a construction site. My hard hat has saved me many times. I just recently switched careers to a heavy equipment operator. I don't understand why we have to wear had hats? We are out in the open all day yet if anyone gets caught without a hard hat they get a warning then a suspension if it happens twice. I guess it's protection from bird poop. After looking around, I learned — Hard hat in the opens like working on the road is just basically only for recognition to who you are but the main reason is? You are involving a rough work even you are only an operator of heavy equipments there's a chance that you walk from one place to another to pick something and the area has a falling hazard. Although, in reality hard hat cannot protect you out from injury because if it is really your bad day? It is your bad day and no matter how many hard hat you wear you still get an injury. Some construction required a color code of hard hat to recognize you what part of construction worker you are. For example ;blue hard hat for carpenter, yellow hard hat for laborer, green hard hat for masonry and white hard hat is for the official or engineers. In General you are working in a construction. It doesn't matter what type of construction you working with either Road, Bridges , tunnels or Building it is required due to the insurance policy. Remember if there's a hole that the insurance can get in? They will get in and that's the reality. I'm working in building construction for 6 years started as laborer until become one of the official in the construction company. And now I'm working on my own Handyman works. From: (handyman and computer services)

President Yoweri Museveni has today commissioned road construction equipment for all districts in Uganda. The exercise took place. . .

Road Construction Simulator

This is kinda like the video game my cousin plays (road construction simulator), its entertaining when there is simply nothing else to do LOL. I love trying to help people, and of course be a smart ass along the way, but if its not summertime, I really never come on. So, are any of you folks the same? Just users in the summer doldrums. Essentially — Pssh never. I hope to come on here when I'm around 27 with my first kid on the way or 30 asking if I should give my toddler benadryl or cold medicine. Even during the school yr I come on for help with my hopeless crush on a guy I've had for going on 2 years, or homework help. Nobody can judge you because nobody knows you personally. Plus most everyone one here has no life and is a loser similar to me.. Were all losers here, no need to worry Yahoo answers has seriously helped with a lot of issues of mine whether its weight, appearance, or relationships. Sorry I sound like I'm being paid by yahoo but like seriously, I love it. I would be a top answerer if I didn't come on just to read questions haha. I do come on less during the school yr though. :D yahoooooo

At least it's better than Roadworks Simulator Also, my first time playing. Sorry for noobishness. Leave a rating. Whether Pos+ or Neg-, at least I know someo. . .